Rolwaling Region Trekking

The combination of Rolwaling and Khumbu trekking provides an experience of the remoteness of eastern region of Nepal. It also provides beautiful mountain views, diverse flora and fauna and rich local cultures. This trek requires a good walking experience and a good physical form. Tashi Lapta Pass is one of the adventure points of this trekking. Ramdung Peak climbing is the bonus side trip and need peak climbing permit.

High in a side-valley, above the summer settlement of Na with its yak pastures and stone-walled potato fields, we encamped in a wide snow-basin enclosed by the ice-bound Chugimago and Yalung Ri. A magnificent outlook extended across the Rolwaling Valley to the imposing Chobutse and Kang Nachugo lining the northern border with Tibet (China). We offer you defferent trekking itineraries here for your best holidays to Rolwaling area, please choose and let us know which programs will be suitable for your time frame.