Expedition in Tibet 2024/2025

Expedition in Tibet on Everest, Cho-Oyu and Shishapangma have become more popular these days due to very reasonable price for royalty and all the expedition costs. Furthermore, the land transportation access to the base camp of these mountains has made Tibet more attractive for mountaineering.

Simplified mountaineering rules and regulations for expedition in Tibet add more motivation to the mountaineers for their dream to reach the summit of 8000 meter Himalayas in Tibet. So, our agency ‘ Everest Journeys.’ decided to operate the expedition trip to Tibet as following mountain such as North Col Everest Expedition, Cho Oyu, Shisha Pangma, Gurla Mandata, Nojin Kangsang, and Lhakpa Ri expeditions since 2000 A.D. and we have collected many more experience in this country arranging mentioned above trip making international expeditions for the every mountain if this region.

Package (s)

International Shishapangma Expedition-Kyirong

International Mount Shishapangma Expedition

Duration: 45 Days
US$ 13700
International Shishapangma Expedition-Lhasa

Shishapangma Expedition Via Lhasa

Duration: 40 Days
US$ 13500
International Mt. Cho Oyu Expedition

International Mount Cho Oyu Expedition

Duration: 45 Days
US$ 16700
Mt. Shishapangma South West Face

Shishapangma South West Face

Duration: 40 Days
US$ 14900
Mt. Lhakpa Ri Expedition

Lhakpa Ri Expedition

Duration: 30 Days
US$ 9700
Everest North Col up to 7000m Expedition

Everest North Col up to 7000m Expedition

Duration: 30 Days
US$ 8555
Mt. Shishapangma & Mt. Cho Oyu Expedition

Shishapangma and Cho Oyu Expedition

Duration: 48 Days
US$ 23000
Mt. Gurla Mandata Expedition

Gurla Mandata Expedition

Duration: 40 Days
US$ 11900
Mt. Kula Kangri Expedition

Kula Kangri Expedition

Duration: 37 Days
US$ 8700
Chomo Lonzo Expedition

Chomo Lonzo Expedition

Duration: 55 Days
US$ 10500
Nojin Kangsang Expedition

Noijin Kangsang Expedition

Duration: 34 Days
US$ 7990
Mt. Nyainqentanglha Expedition

Nyainqentanglha Expedition

Duration: 25 Days
US$ 7700